Getting Started

  • 1. Install The Shop Calendar app in your Shopify store

    You can install the app in your Shopify store by visiting our app listing page or going to this link directly.

  • 2. Accept the options

    With The Shop Calendar, on behalf of your store - we request access to your store pages. This allows you to install the calendar with one-click later on.

  • 3. Accept the charge

    Accept the charge during the installation process. The Shop Calendar is cheaper than a mocha-frappe-latte drizzled with caramel on top :P. For $5/month, you gain access to create as many events as you'd like - and your calendar will always display on your calendar.

  • 4. Create Events and embed the calendar on your stores website!

    All done! The app is now installed and you can now create events and embed the calendar into your store. Simply visit the "Install" tab for instructions to embed the calendar. And click on the "Events" tab to get started creating events that will show up on your calendar.

The calendar built for Shopify stores

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