Calendar Options

Apply settings across either of the calendars. Each calendar design (original or list), has a several options to help control the design, styling and layout of the calendar. To change these settings, click on "Options" from the navbar.

The list of options are below:

General Settings
Setting Description
Hide Past Events Past events will no longer show on the calendar if set to "Yes".
Date time display Control how your dates on the calendar look. Select from either mm/dd/yyyy (USA) or dd/mm/yyyy (anywhere else in world).
Hide add to calendar For each event, you can display an "add to calendar" section on the event that allows your customers to add events to their own calendar apps. Set "Yes" to hide this section in events.
Default calendar language Set your calendar to either English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or German. For more languages, please contact us.
Custom CSS (*advanced) Only use this section if you are a developer. Input CSS that renders inside the calendar. Note - we usually recommend applying styling in your own website.
Original Calendar
Setting Description
Starting day Set the starting day of the calendar to either Sunday or Monday.
Hide weekends Setting this option to "Yes" means that your calendar will only display weekdays.
Hide tooltip **deprecated This setting is no longer functioning.
Hide hour time Set this option to "Yes" if you want to hide the actual time of the event. Customers usually set this when they have all day events.
Make text colorful Set this to "Yes" when you want your text to be colorful. The color that you selected in the event renders in your calendar.
List Calendar
Setting Description
Show all events By setting this to "Yes", the calendar nav is hidden and all events regardless of month are displayed.
Vertical or Horizontal The sets whether the image of the card is in the left, or at the top of the card. If horizontal, the image appears on the left.
Hide images If set to "Yes", images are hidden on the calendar.

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