Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make more than one calendar?

As of right now, we give each Store 1 calendar. If we see enough demand to create more than 1 calendar per store, we'll build it 😊

Do you offer annual plans?

Yes, contact us directly and we'll set you up for a year. We'll give you $10 off if you sign up for our annual plan so $50 per year.

Do you help customers install the calendar?

Yes! If you need help installing the calendar, give us a shout! While we think it's pretty easy (1-minute or less if you follow our guide) - we know some people just want the peace of mind.

Can I sell tickets for my events?

No. We recommend using a event registration platform like Eventbrite to do this.

Can I connect my calendar from Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook?

Soon. We have this working in our local development environment - but we aren't comfortable with the experience it provides yet. Give us a few months to make this more seamless for you!

Does The Shop Calendar work for any other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento?

No. As of right now we only integrate with Shopify. Eventually we want to expand, but we want to put our focus on one marketplace right now.

The calendar built for Shopify stores

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