Embed Calendar In Store

  • 1. Open the App

    Open the App from the apps page within your store

  • 2. Go to the install page

    Once within the app, go to the install page via the top nav menu. This is where you will grab the code script to put into a page of your choice within your online stores website.

  • 3. Chose the original or list calendar design

    Decide if you would like to install the original calendar or list calendar design. Toggle between the two tabs to pick the script of your choice.

  • 4. Copy and paste the script into your site

    Copy the script. Once you have copied, head to the page via your store you would like to install the calendar. Take the script and paste it into the contents section with the HTML button pressed.

  • Note:

    If the script is showing up in your page as text, you did not enter the script while the content editor was in HTML mode. Copy the script again, press the HTML button, and paste the script back in.

The calendar built for Shopify stores

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