How to add Calendar to Shopify

A guide on how to install a calendar onto a Shopify page using The Shop Calendar app.

Video Tutorial

This video shows you how to install The Shop Calendar using the theme app extension built into Shopify.

Step by Step

1. Install The Shop Calendar app

Install the app by going to the Shopify app store and searching for The Shop Calendar. You can also install by clicking this button here.

2. Open up the Online Store

From the left sidebar, click on Online Store under Sales channels.

3. Click "Customize" under your current theme

Once within the Online Store themes section, you will see your current theme highlighted. Click on the big green button that says "Customize".

4. Select the page you would like to add the calendar

In the editor, select the page you would like from the dropdown menu near the top. Once you have found the page, move to the next step.

5. Add the section and select The Shop Calendar

Select "Add section" under the specific section of your choosing. Once you have clicked that, select The Shop Calendar (or you can search for it), and click it. Once clicked, you have now added the calendar to the page! From the section you added, you can select to display the original or list calendar design. You can also customize the title of the section, width, centering the text and also adding padding.

5. Ta-Da! All done

The calendar is now installed on the page. You can now start adding events in and will never have to touch the calendar script again. It's as easy as that!

Install a calendar on your Shopify store in minutes!

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